So here’s the training plan devised for me by Maria McCambridge. I get the plan for the following week on a Sunday and it takes into account how I performed the previous week. (I’ll fill in the gaps asap)

Week Run 1 Run 2 Run 3 Run 4 Run 5
14 6 miles (HR 130-150) with 6 by 15 sec fast strides after. Workout day 10mins (HR 130-150)

20 mins (HR 154-167)

10 mins with 1 min hard 1 min easy , 5 min jog at the end.

30 min jog. 6 by 15 sec light strides after. Race Day:   Half-marathon Easy 80 mins (HR 130-150)
13 Easy 4miles with 8 by 20 seconds fast strides after Workout Day

10mins jog warm up and cool down with 4 by 15 sec strides before workout.

3 by 20 mins with 4min jog recovery after each 20min.

1st 20mins hr 151-162

2nd 20mins hr 162-172

3rd 20mins 172-182

3 jog 25/30mins Long run 18miles easy (hr 141-151)
12 6 miles easy Hr 141-151 with 10 by 20 second fast strides after. walk back recovery Workout day 10mins jog warm up and cool down with 4 by 15 second strides to do before the workout


60 mins workout

10mins at Hr 151 -162, 5 mins at 162-172, 5mins 172-182, repeating this 20mins segment two more times. the goal is to get that real change of pace, working at 3 very different paces

Long run 18miles easy hr 141-151 30min jog
4 4miles at E2 along the way do 6 by 15seconds fast pick ups, make sure there is a nice gap of running in between to bring your hr back to E2 if it goes over. Workout is 10mins warm up and cool down. Find a nice hill, not too steep but long and gradual.

2 by 30 seconds, 2 by 1 min, 1 by 2 mins, 2 by 1min, 2 by 30 seconds. run the hill hard and do a slow jog back down the hill to where you started to start the next effort.

5miles E1 recovery run Long run is 8 miles easy.
3  4 miles easy with 6 by 10 sec sprints after.  Walk back recovery after each effort Workout : 10mins warm up and cool down with 2/3 strides after warm up, 70/80m .5mins, 90 sec rec jog, 4mins, 90 sec rec, 3mins, 90 sec rec, 2 mins, 90 sec rec, 1 min, 90 sec rec. 4miles easy Long run 7miles easy
2 6 by 2 mins at threshold pace. 90 sec rec jog. 10 mins warm up and cool down. 4 miles easy Race Sat 5 Miles recovery 30-40 mins
1 3miles easy with 8 by 12 sec strides after your run with a walk back recovery 4miles easy WORKOUT: 10min jog warm up and cool down

10 by 1 min hard 1min easy – 20mins in total.  Do not worry too much about pace on the first workout, I just want you working hard for a minute, changing the pace from hard to easy.

Long Run 6 miles

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