Athlone 3/4 Marathon

Team Dublin Marathon Experience

Twenty weeks ago I was lucky enough to be selected to join Team Dublin Marathon but I had no idea what lay in store for me or what training for a marathon actually entailed.  The experience of being part of TDM has been hugely positive. I got to know a great group of people, we’ve been completely supportive of each other and had a few laughs along the way.

Team Dublin Marathon 2015

What I have learned is that no one runs a marathon on their own and no one trains for  a marathon on their own.  I couldn’t have got to this point without the expert guidance of Maria McCambridge who worked out my training plan and provided constant reassurance throughout the training.  I also benefited from the support and expertise of John Smith from Sky Limit Fitness, David Ivers of Athboy Sports Therapy and Fiona Staunton (pilates).   I had the easy job, I just had to do what I was told to prepare for the marathon and stay injury free.

Maria McCambridge

I know I wouldn’t have got to this point without my husband Pat encouraging me every step of the way and my children Rory, Elliot, Esme and Romy cheering me on and supplying me with snacks. My family and friends have been a fantastic support keeping me sane and patiently putting up with me going on about the marathon all the time.  I hope I do them proud on the day.

Athlone 3/4 Marathon

I know that if I wasn’t part of TDM I wouldn’t have had to commitment and drive to keep going and would have given up long ago.  I can’t say yet whether this will be my first marathon or my last marathon, time will tell but I hope that my experience has encouraged others to give running a go whether it is a 5K or 26.2 miles.  If you can put the time in and get the support, it is possible to be part of the 1% of people who complete a marathon.

Post-marathon report to follow in a few days …

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