Dublin Half Marathon 2015 Medal

Week 14 – Dublin Half Marathon 2015

Training week 14:

Another busy week and I’m still struggling to fit everything in but training is progressing and I’m hitting my targets so all is good.

Day 1: 6 miles (HR 130-150) with 6 by 15 sec fast strides after – Did this on the treadmill. With the wet weather and dark evenings coming in, I’m finally starting to appreciate the treadmill.

Day 2: Workout day 10 minutes (HR 130-150), 20 minutes (HR 154-167), then 10 minutes with 1 min hard 1 min easy, 5 min jog at the end – I still find the workouts tough but I think that’s the point, they’re supposed to push me to the limit.

Day 3: 30 min jog 6 by 15 sec light strides after – This was a nice handy run, did this run on the treadmill.

Saturday: The Dublin Half-marathon went better than expected, the atmosphere was amazing and it was a beautiful morning. The run was tough and I really felt the faster pace. Maria asked me to aim for a time of 2:23 so the plan was to start with the 2:10 Pacer and drop back to the 2:20 when needed. It was a hot morning and a hilly course but the plan worked and I came in at 2:21 so I was delighted. My family was there to meet me at the end, which was a lovely boost. Bumped into friends old and new who read my updates so a ‘shout out’ to John, Eamonn, Vivienne and Sharon.

Dublin Half Marathon 2015

A couple of hours after the end of the race we heard that a young man, John McHugh, had lost his life near the finish line. By all accounts he was a fantastic young man and will be missed by all who knew him. RIP.

Sunday: easy 80 minutes (HR 130-150) – Planned for later today but feeling exhausted and I’ve a million things to do for work/school tomorrow so this run may be abandoned (more than likely).

Only 5 weeks to go to the main event so I have to focus. Twenty-mile training run planned for next weekend and I have to get my head around that before I even put my runners on.

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