Week 13 – VO2 Testing & Emus

Interesting week with the VO2 test with Health Matters on Friday; because of this we had a short training week as we needed to rest before the test.

Day 1 Monday: Easy 4miles with 8 by 20 seconds fast strides after. Did this run on the treadmill, went well.

Day 2 Tuesday: Workout run – didn’t fit this in. Tuesday is a busy day as after work I teach kids swimming at the local swimming club. I’ll avoid training on Tuesday in future.

Day 3 Saturday: jog 25/30mins – Did this on treadmill, as I didn’t fancy running in the rain.

Day 4 Sunday: Long run 18miles easy (hr 141-154) – Tough enough run, seemed easier last week. The 18 miles took 4:13, which is nearly 30 mins longer than last week, but I went by heart rate this week. Think it was tougher this week as I didn’t get much sleep last night and it rained for the last 5 miles. I usually come across something of interest on my runs; today was no different …

Emus – I think?

Friday was VO2 testing with Seán at Health Matters. We had to run on a treadmill with a mask on. The test measures the volume of oxygen consumed by the body at various intensity levels. I found it fascinating, as the feedback will help me train better. The results were really positive and my heart and lungs are working very well for someone my age.

All Set!
All Set!

This week we will be getting ready for the half-marathon in the Phoenix Park on Saturday. Looking forward to catching up with the Team. I will concentrate on getting more sleep as that’s usually where I find extra time when things get hectic but I’ll need to find the time elsewhere.

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