Post 16 Miles with Sharon.

Week 11 – Very Long Run with Sharon


Post 16 Miles with Sharon.
Post 16 Miles with Sharon.

Last week of the summer and the training is intensifying, feels like I’m getting ready to run a marathon now.

Tuesday – Seven miles plus strides. I ran this on the treadmill as it was lashing rain out. Went well, the treadmill is growing on me, which is good as I expect I’ll have to use it more as the dark evenings come in.

Thursday – this was planned for Wednesday but went to a debs sendoff instead and rearranged the run for Thursday morning. One of the benefits of running, it’s easy to rearrange. Eight miles easy (Heart rate 141-151). Went to Pilates class in the evening but the instructor noticed I was tired so I’ll avoid running on a Thursday in future.

Friday – Workout Day – The workout was tough and I found it difficult to hit the Heart rate Zone, I was aiming for zone 5, but the highest I got to was 4.6.  It was quite late in the day, nearly dark so I’ll try to do the workout runs earlier in the day when I’m not as wrecked.

Sunday – Long Run 16 miles easy (Heart rate 141-151) – I ran this with my friend Sharon who I credit blame for getting me running. We ran the 16 miles in 3:24 but you can take 10 minutes off that for water breaks and ‘comfort’ breaks in the odd field.

Back to school, work and routine this week. My youngest is starting school so while I’ll miss her, I’ll have some extra training time and plan to get to the gym for some cross training.   Heading to the Sports Therapist, David, this week to help keep me injury free.

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