Porridge & Berries

Week 9 – Back to Reality

Back to reality with a bang! We got home from holidays on Monday and I got back into training on Tuesday. I couldn’t wait to get in to it and I missed getting out for the few days.

Day 1 – Tuesday: 5miles easy (141-151) with 6 by 15 second fast strides with full recovery – this went well, felt good getting back in to it.

Day 2 – Wednesday: 6miles – 2miles at 141-151, 3miles 151-162, 1mile 141-151. I really enjoyed this run especially pushing myself for the faster parts of the run.   I made sure to stretch well after and do some foam rolling on Thursday.

Day 3 – Friday: 10 min warm up and cool down jog with 4 by 15 sec fast strides, 6 by 1 mile interval pace (162-172) with 3 min recovery. OMG this run was a killer. I found it really, really difficult to hit the interval pace. I was flat out and still not hitting the pace. I was getting really frustrated and getting hung up on increasing my heart rate, running as fast as I could and flapping my arms and still not hitting it. Then I came across this fella;

Furry Friend

I had to stop, get him off the road and take a photo. I ignored the monitor for the rest of the run, just concentrated on running fast and then recovering and running fast again before I knew it I was done.

Day 4 – Saturday Long run 14 miles 141-151

This is the farthest I’ve ever run so I was delighted to get it done. It was a slow run and took over 3 hours so I didn’t push myself too much, I just wanted to cover the distance and keep within the heart rate. This run was better than I expected, the first 10 miles went by no problem but I felt mile 10 – 12 in the legs but then the last 2 mile went by OK. I was glad to finish when I did and marathon distance seems a long way off but I know if I stick to the programme I will do it.Long Run Pack

Here’s a photo of what I bring on the long runs. The back pack has a water bag in it that I can sip as I need to. I also bring my watch, my iPhone, sunglasses, fruit pastilles, and tissues incase I hear the ‘call of nature’ and need to jump into a field ;-).

I rely on audiobooks to keep my mind busy on the runs and I’m currently listening to ultrarunner Pam Reed’s autobiography.

This week I’m looking forward to the Frank Duffy 10 Mile Race on Saturday, love catching up with Maria, Gary and the rest of the team. I’m also going to focus on what I’m eating as I’m disappointed with my weight loss at this stage. I was hoping the extra exercise would be enough to loose a few kilos but it hasn’t been the case. Healthy breakfast today and for the next few weeks, porridge & berries …

Porridge & Berries

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