Week 5 – Fingal 10K 2015

This week was all about getting ready for the Fingal 10K so we had 4 training runs/workouts and the race on Sunday morning. We also had to do a ‘Timed mile’ to see if our fitness is improving.

First run of the week 5 miles, easy, did this on Monday, between rain showers.

Second run was a workout – I do this on the local GAA pitch, first thing in the morning with only the rabbits for company. 10 min warm up, 3 x 100m strides, 10 min cool down. I did the ‘timed mile’ and all the training must be working as I went from 11 minutes per mile 5 weeks ago to 10:13, which I’m very happy with.

Third run of the week was a 4-mile easy run. I did this on the treadmill, listening to an audiobook. I much prefer running outside but I’m getting used to the treadmill and it’s good for when I can’t get away or the weather is just too bad.

Fourth run this week was another workout. Three-mile jog, followed by 6 x100 metre strides. This was done on a country road, I felt a bit self-conscious running fast/walking slow but I have to follow the plan especially when it’s working so well.


We’d a rest day on Saturday before the run on Sunday. It was an early start as I’m working out what suits me with regard to nutrition and hydration before a run and ultimately the marathon.

My son Rory came with me for support, it was lovely to have him there, especially at the finish line. It was great meeting up with the team before the race; we’re all doing so well.

Based on my progress, Maria suggested I aim for completing the 10K in 67mins, it was really helpful to have a goal, in the end I came in at 65 minutes, and I was delighted.

JanCarroll - Fingal10K

Maria ran this one and we knew she was the one to beat for in the women’s race and she didn’t disappoint, taking home first prize. Congratulations Maria!

We have 5 weeks until the 10 mile run, the next in the Race Series. We’ve already been warned that the training will increase – bring it on. I picked up my second pair of Asics sponsored runners so looking forward to breaking them in this week.



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