Pro Form Treadmill

Week 3 – Treadmill

Getting in to the swing of things this week. I’m finally becoming a runner. The novelty has worn off now and going for a run is just another part of my day. I get up at 7:30, have a cup of tea and a drink and head out the door. I’m usually back within the hour, in time for my husband to go to work.

I bought a second hand treadmill from a local buy and sell page. It’s a Proform 530 ZLT Treadmill – Black/Grey from Amazon but I only paid €250 so I got a bargain.  I’m delighted as I’ve been keeping an eye out and it will get plenty of use especially when the dark mornings come in.

Runs this week were grand. I’m getting a bit bored of my usual routes so I headed to my local GAA pitch for the workout this week. I definitely benefited from the change of scene and my knees thanked me for working out on grass.

I’ve been using a Heart Rate Monitor on my runs for the past couple of weeks so Maria has now adapted my programme to work on HR Zones rather than pace. I’m looking forward to seeing how it works out.


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